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Ruthless E Juice

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Ruthless has been taking a fast pace at introducing new novelty flavors to the market. Ruthless is planning on creating 30+ e liquid lines. Some of the lines are as follows: Loaded e juice, Hotcakes E liquid, Drip Treats, Fluff Pop, Funnel Cake, Penguin, Magic Ohms, Ice Cream Donuts Bedrock, Ring Dropz, Ice Cream Man, Breakfast Club, Cream Puff Factory, Boom E Juice, Cookie Monsta E Juice, Hall of Fame, Apple Caramel Drop, Drippin Dots and many more soon to come. They have made many mouth vapors very happy by the different flavors they have created. Their product is being manufactured in a clean room state of the art facility,which is now required by FDA Regulations.

Ruthless's facility is located in Sunny Southern California. I guess the good weather is inspiring these guys to keep popping out amazing mouth dropping flavors. I'm sure from what we have seen so far that they will be coming out with some more mind blowing E Liquids.

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